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At Cornerstone Industries & Construction Services, LLC, we can provide you with all of your materials and construction needs. From bins to to secondary containment, we can help you get your project done.

Farm Grain Storage

Sioux Steel Farm Storage Grain Systems

Protect grain from all weather conditions. The strong roof stands up to northern snow loads and high winds. Sioux Grain Systems keep grain fresh and in condition for years.

A 10 year warranty comes standard on every Sioux Steel farm bin.  Plus, there is no additional cost for this feature. You get a great quality bin with a warranty that is the longest in the industry, giving you peace of mind.

Specs & Features

  • Store grains up to 64 lb/bushel. Industry standard is just 60.
  • Roof peak load ratings up to 10,000 lbs.
  • Designed for free flowing grains up to 51 lbs/ft3
  • (55 lbs/ft3 including compaction).
  • Largest manway in the industry.
  • 10 year warranties.


Ladder & Cage

Manufactured from sturdy, galvanized steel tube that fit the bin side wall with each ring. Four bolts simplify attachment. No drilling, extra brackets or hardware. Plus no bolts to loosen!

Floor & Floor Support

Designed to develop equal air pressure under the entire floor surface, floor supports are heavy gauge, galvanized steel formed with ten vertical ribs to support grain depths up to 37 feet.

LJI Floor Support

1) Strength per square foot of floor
2) Unobstructed air movement
3) Ease of erection and stability
4) Savings in total bin cost

Storage Fans

A variety of fans are available including: Axial fans, Centrifugal fans & VFD fans. All fans are made to stand up to tough operating conditions.


Vertical supports offer added strength at the entrance opening. The aerodynamically engineered “channel-flow” shape delivers air between the fan and bin plenum. Multiple sizes fit every size fan and heater.

Sioux Steel Commercial Grain Storage Systems

Cornerstone Industries and Construction Services uses Sioux Steel Commercial Grain Storage Systems which are engineered using the latest technology for your grain storage needs, while offering features that reinforce your confidence. Sioux Steel Commercial Bins are also covered by a ten-year warranty.

Specs & Features

  • 2 to 3 stiffeners per side wall sheet.
  • 70 lb/bushel or 64 lb/bushel systems.
  • Roofs are available with up to 50,000 lb. peak load.
  • Wind rings offer additional strength against the elements.
  • Test weights of grains have increased over the last decade due to new hybrids and genetics.


Accessories to enhance the use and functionality of your commercial bin.

•     Bucket Elevators
•     Drag Conveyors
•     Cage & Ladder Systems
•     Catwalks & Towers
•     Grain Dryers
•     Peak Walk-Arounds
•     Roof Exhausters
•     Roof Stairs
•     Stairways

Dura Life Containment Systems

Provide solutions for your on-farm containment needs.  With Dura Life systems, you are able to protect your investments, your farm and the environment.  Dura Life farm containment systems are used to contain fuel storage on your farm.  The EPA requires containment if you have over 1,320 gallons of fuel on your farm.

Important Elements of an SPCC Plan

  • Facility diagram and description of the facility
  • Oil discharge predictions
  • Appropriate secondary containment
  • Facility drainage
  • Site security
  • Facility inspections
  • Requirements for bulk storage containers

More Information About The SPCC Regulation

What is SPCC?

The goal of the SPCC program is to prevent oil spills into waters of the United States and adjoining shorelines.

What is considered a farm under SPCC?

Under SPCC, a farm is: “a facility on a tract of land devoted to the production of crops or raising of animals, including fish, which produced and sold, or normally would have produced and sold, $1,000 or more of agricultural products during a year.”

Is my farm covered by SPCC?

SPCC applies to a farm which: Stores, transfers, uses, or consumes oil or oil products, such as diesel fuel, gasoline, lube oil, hydraulic oil, adjuvant oil, crop oil, vegetable oil, or animal fat; and Stores more than 1,320 US gallons in aboveground containers or more than 42,000 US gallons in completely buried containers; and Could reasonably be expected to discharge oil to waters of the US or adjoining shorelines, such as interstate waters, intrastate lakes, rivers, and streams.

Dura Life® CONTAINMENT Systems

The Leading Provider of Secondary Containment Systems for the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical & Agricultural Industries. The first in the industry to engineer and develop the steel concept for secondary containment, we use only the highest quality, chemically treated, galvanized steel. The 65,000 PSI, heavy-duty 10, 11, 12 & 14 gauge corrugated steel construction resists rust and corrosion even in the harshest environments.

Three Kinds of Containment

Dura Life Dynamic Loading Secondary Containment System

Dynamic Loading Containment Systems are designed and manufactured with additional safety factors to withstand higher loads.
  • The strongest containment system on the market today without a single reported failure in the entire history of the brand.

  • Built with 10 gauge steel walls and patented Zpost’s set in concrete that protects the structure from frost heave.

  • Designed by professional engineers that utilize state-of-the-art Finite Element Analysis tools to scrutinize every component in order to maximize durability and increase strength.

Dura Life Ground Guard Zero Ground Disturbance Containment Systems

Ground Guard Systems require zero ground penetration and are a perfect alternative for areas where underground systems are not an option.
  • These containment systems require ZERO ground penetration and/or disturbance - taking away timely site identification that is typically needed when installing systems requiring post holes set in concrete.

  • Ground Guard Systems take the risk of puncturing existing pipelines away by removing the threat of digging underground.

  • Concrete materials are eliminated entirely, making the Ground Guard the toughest, all-steel system in the industry.

Custom Site Creation

If you would like more information, contact us today at (605) 441-1779 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!
Delivers the solution to what many existing sites face; obstacles. Custom Containment Systems fit anywhere, allowing tight installations between structures possible. Our custom corner systems can be installed with as many as 14 different angles to work around obstacles such as pipes, buildings and control equipment. Painted systems are available to blend in with the environment or establish a continuous look with other structures on site or to blend with the natural environment for an aesthetic and professional appearance.